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Testing services for the State of Hawaii, Guam, FSM, Samoa, Fiji and the Pacific Rim.

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We provide chemical and microbiological testing, as well as consultation, field sampling, FDA Detention Testing, and site inspections. Contact us to request a quote.

FQLab technicians


FQLabs uses only approved methodology and all analyses are accompanied by strict adherence to our Quality Assurance Program.

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Quality Service

FQLabs provides personalized, quality services with a quick turn-around time.


We offer a full range of testing.

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FQLabs is designated an Essential Business and remains open for your testing needs. If the situation changes, we will update the information. FQLabs does not provide testing for COVID-19. However, we do provide environmental microbial monitoring testing. During this time, we encourage you to ship samples early. We have implemented a number of safety measures at the lab for sample receiving. We appreciate your patience


Legionella plate, James Gathany - CDC

Legionella Testing

FQLabs specializes in Legionella testing for cooling towers, evaporative condensers, spas, fountains and other water sources. In addition to over 20 years of lab experience in environmental microbiological testing, we are Certified by the CDC Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program since 2009.

FQLabs tests for Hepatitis A.

Please contact us for more information or questions about our services.


Food, Water, Soil and Environmental Testing and Consulting

FQLabs is a full service independent testing laboratory serving Hawai‘i and the Pacific Rim since the 1860's.

3170-A Ualena Street
Honolulu, HI 96819

Telephone: (808) 839-9444
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E-mail: fql@fqlab.com

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.